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Bible Question Panel

bible question panel

In a format not seen at Listooder for several years, three experienced Christians were asked to come along and answer Bible-based questions posed by the members of the Youth Fellowship.

The questions had been gathered over the previous few months, and had been passed to the three men in advance to allow for adequate preparation. There were 16 questions in total, covering subjects such as predestination, female preachers, Creation science, Heaven and the dinosaurs. The men were given an average of three minutes to deal with each question.

It was a delight to have two former Listooder attendees on the panel, namely Sandy Boyd (now an elder in Crossgar Free Presbyterian Church) and Robin Fairbairn (recent Communications Officer for the Presbyterian Church Mission Board), and also to welcome frequent visiting speaker, Brian McCoubrey (an elder in Saintfield Baptist Church).

From the answers given by the men, it was clear that each had diligently researched their responses, basing each one on Scripture and seeking to encourage the young people to search out answers for themselves in the Word of God. Below you can find the order of the questions posed by the young people, as found in the recording, with approximate timings to allow you to skip through the audio and find the answer you require. Alternatively you can listen to the event in full and learn more, as we did, of the wonderful truth of the Bible.

The event was chaired by Stephen Moore.

1. What would be a good way to start reading the Bible properly for yourself? Would it be best to start with any specific book, and what do you think is the best way to get the most out of your Bible reading? [00:12] - ROBIN

2. If God is all powerful, why doesn't He just get rid of Satan now? [05:53] - SANDY

3. In relation to the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe, where exactly is Heaven? [09:52] - BRIAN

4. God knows everything. So if God knows who will be saved and who will be lost, why does He not make the lost get saved before they die and it is too late? [13:53] - ROBIN

5. How can I refuse to do worldly things, without seeming like I'm better than, or above, the person asking me to do them? [17:52] - SANDY

6. From the Bible, is it acceptable to take part in, or support, a war? [20:24] - BRIAN

7. In Heaven, what age will we be? If we die when we are 80 years old, would we look like we are 80 years old forever? Will we recognise each other in heaven? [24:44] - ROBIN

8. Were Adam and Eve alive at the same time as Dinosaurs? Did they see them? [28:33] - SANDY

9. Where did God come from? And what all existed before time began, or was it only God on His own? [35:29] - BRIAN

10. How can you keep your faith through difficult times in your life? [39:50] - SANDY

11. When was the first complete Bible put together, what language was it in, and when was it first available in English? [43:01] - ROBIN

12. Do stillborn babies go to Heaven? [45:13] - BRIAN

13. How do you know for sure that you are saved? [49:26] - SANDY

14. Why does God let so many people die every day? [52:25] - ROBIN

15. When is it acceptable for women to preach (for example: Pilgrims, Sunday School teachers, missionaries)? When is it not acceptable? [55:23] - BRIAN

16. On a modern day map, where was the Garden of Eden? And does it still exist? [1:00:14] - SANDY