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Senders' Mission Myanmar


David and Marina Reid joined us at Listooder to speak of their recently formed work for the Lord among the people of Myanmar. While rich in minerals, the country, formerly known as Burma, is full of poverty with many families unable to afford food, water and basic medical care.

Marina spoke with passion and enthusiasm for the work that the Lord had called her to. A work in which the light of the Gospel has been able to shine in a land of darkness, idolatry and superstition. Christians are few in Myanmar, yet God has been giving many opportunities to teach the truth of His Word among the Buddhists, Spirit Worshipers and even some Muslim people.

The work of Senders' Mission Myanmar (SMM) is largely to assist local missionaries in their labours among the people. While Myanmar has been closed to the Gospel for many years, individual Christians have been seeking to carry on the missionary effort despite the obvious dangers involved.

In the last few years churches have been built, house fellowships established and tracts distributed on a regular basis. A nursery school has been set up, receiving around 40 toddlers from non-Christian families, with several unsaved parents now starting to come along to church.

Initially this all had to be completed on foot, but with money raised at the Belfast Marathon, SMM were able to purchase two motorcycles to enable the missionaries to travel faster and further to help those in need. A passenger Rickshaw was purchased through money raised from selling jams, chutneys and home-baking and hosting a vintage tea. The mission has also been able to send out clothes, technical equipment and other resources to help meet both the needs of the missionaries and the spiritual and practical needs of the local people.

In spite of the spiritual darkness in the land, many are coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Parents are coming to hear of Christ from their own children and staunch Buddhist families are putting their trust in the God of the Bible. One man was even heard to say: "We're finished with Islam, we're finished with Buddha... tell us about Jesus."

The Lord is working in a mighty way. Souls are being saved, and God is rewarding the work of SMM and local missionaries. But there is still much to pray for. These new converts know nothing of the Scriptures. They need help to understand Christ and what He has done for them. They need instruction and guidance to grow in the knowledge of God and His Word.

That is the work of the Senders' Mission Myanmar. Please pray as they seek to continue this work, and pray for individual Christians in Myanmar. Pray that God will protect them, strengthen them, give them souls for their labour, and fellowship one with another.

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be SENT? Romans 10:14-15