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He Calms the Storm


Former Listooder attendee, Matthew Cuffey, returned to the hall for the first time as a speaker. Before turning to the Word of God, he shared a little of what the Lord has done in his life since those days, coming along to the meetings as a young Believer.

Matthew read from the words of Mark chapter 6, where the Lord Jesus appeared unto the disciples, walking upon the Sea of Galilee. This event occured immediately after the feeding of the five thousand, and the Lord had insisted that the disciples then get into their boat and make their way across the water to the other side.

However, as the disciples made their way across, a huge storm arose. For many hours they toiled against the wind and the waves, failing to make any headway. The disciples found themselves in a difficult, life-threatening situation, and it was a position that was not of their own making. In fact, it was the Lord Himself who had led the disciples into that place of fear and struggles.

It is often necessary, even in the will of God, to lead us into areas of uncertainty in our lives. God chooses for His own people to go through turmoil in their lives. Did the Lord know the trouble that was to befall his disciples? Of course He did. Could God make our journey through life easy? Of course He could. So why then did the disciples have to be placed in this difficult environment, fearing for their lives?

I beseech thee, shew me thy glory. And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.
Exodus 33:18-19

Just as in our lives, the Lord Jesus was using this trial, in the lives of the disciples, to reveal His true power, might and majesty to them. As the discples looked out over the deadly waves and ferocious wind, as their eyes rested upon the sight of the Saviour walking upon the water, they would immediately have seen, in Him, everything that showed who and what Jesus was. His wonder, splendour, and deity was in full display.

However, as the disciples cast their eyes upon Christ, they did not see a loving Lord, nor did they see a rescuing Saviour. Instead their unbelief convinced them that they had seen a ghost. Their hearts were hardened, their fears heightened and minds blinded. Yet rather than the Lord rebuking them for their unbelief, He made Himself known to them in love. He drew near to them, spoke words of tenderness to them, and calmed the storm that surrounded them.

The storm of Mark 6 was a literal storm. The disciples' fear was of real wind, real waves and genuine anxiety of death. Few of us will ever face a storm like the disciples faced that night, but we will all experience trouble in our lives. Sometimes, as Believers, it will seem that God is far from us. Sometimes it will seem that we must have done something to deserve this trouble. But we must learn from the disciples in this chapter. We must learn that He is always with us, watching over us, even as we struggle with the challenges of life.

Christ is near. He is with us in our struggles, and just when we feel all hope is lost, He will come to us, draw near to us and comfort us and with His mighty power will dispell the storm. Let us remember this as we face the difficulties and trials of life, and when Jesus comes walking into the midst of our troubles, may we recognise Him as our Lord, rest upon Him, invite Him into the vessel of our lives and trust Him to calm the storm.