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Gareth McDowell - Mission to the Philippines

In 2016, Listooder were involved in the successful #BibleBox campaign, collecting almost 300 well used and well loved Bibles to be sent out to the Philippines for the work of God there. Tonight, we were delighted to welcome Gareth McDowell, to whom we sent those Bibles, to give us a report on the movement of God in this land.

Gareth began by sharing some of his early experiences sitting under Gospel teaching and learning of the free offer of salvation. Gareth was saved young, but was reluctant to get involved in the meetings in which he had been attending. Yet despite his reluctance, and despite challenges with his speech, God made it clear to Gareth that he was to be involved in missionary work - specifically the mission field of the Philippines.

Serving there with his wife and family since 1999, Gareth arranges for food, clothing and other essential supplies to be sent from Northern Ireland to the Philippines as a form of disaster relief from frequent flooding and other natural threats. He then works with local pastors to distribute the supplies to the people in need. He also receives Bibles, tracts, Gospel literature and gift packs that can be used by the church leaders for outreach to the local communities of the cities of Tarlac and Manila.

In encouraging the local Christians, and providing them with this material, they equip them with the ability to share the Gospel in a minstry of love and compassion for the needs of the people. They hold children's meetings, house meetings, ladies' meetings and Sunday services. At a recent youth camp, which Gareth had the pleasure of being involved in, 30 young people came to put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a challenging work. The Lord is greatly blessing it, and giving Gareth and his family many tokens of encouragement. Their love for the souls of those around them is mighty, and a challenge to each one of us. The need is great, and Gareth would be very grateful of both your prayerful and financial support as they continue to serve the Lord in South-East Asia.