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Missionary in the Philippines

missionary in the philippines - gareth mcdowell

The Listooder hall was well filled to welcome Gareth McDowell, who began the meeting with a word of testimony. Gareth was saved at an early age, and attended many meetings and church services as a child and young person. As he grew up into his teenage years, he recalled with thankfulness that the sin of the world had little effect on him.

At the age of 18, following a missionary meeting, Gareth committed his life to the Lord, publicly going forward to declare his willingness to serve God.

After spending time at a college in America, Gareth met his wife Lorelei, and the two began to prayerfully consider how the Lord might use them in their new life together. But with no money, and a growing desire to provide gospel literature to church fellowships in the Philippines, they had to rely on the Lord for every step.

In 1999, the Lord opened the door for them to travel to Manila and commence the work there. And for 14 years, fully resting on the Lord for every provision, they have been able to help over 200 pastors in local churches.

Gareth then presented some photos from the ongoing work, depicting the various aspects of their labour and showing the Word of God being gratefully received by many of the pastors. Please remember to pray for Gareth and his family as they continue to serve God in the Philippines. The need is great, both spiritually and financially, but we thank God for the great interest there is in the land. The churches are growing, and many people are getting saved.

We have so many privileges today in Northern Ireland. Not least when we consider how easy it is to access good Gospel material and Bible teaching. But in the Philippines the Pastors have to travel hundreds of miles to access what they need. Let us not take for granted what we have, and learn to make the most of the tools that we have for sharing God's glory and the message of Salvation.