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Archived Messages from Listooder Youth Fellowship

Stepping out in Faith (Genesis 12)

Thomas Murray introduces us to the character of Abraham, who, despite many failings, hesitations and shortcomings, had the faith to step out on the promises of God - and saw those promises fulfilled.

Ready to Give an Answer (1 Peter 3:15)

The world around us knows little of the Christ whom we serve, the one who loved us and gave Himself or us. Samuel Jackson brings a challenge to be ready with answers for them.

Step-by-step: The blood of Christ

Roger Higginson examines the doctrine of 'The Blood', teaching simply through the basic principles and fundamental truths to the deeper matters that can be understood from this wonderful study.

Dealing with Temptation (1 John 2)

Trevor Matthews brings a challenging, yet practical and encouraging message on dealing with the temptations of the flesh, of the devil and from our friends and associations.

Senders' Mission Myanmar

David and Marina Reid report on a new work in which they will be engaged in the presentation of the Gospel message to the dark and needy souls of the land of Myanmar (Burma).

For Unto us a Child is Born (Luke 2)

In looking at the experience of the shepherds on the night of Christ's birth, Jonathan Rea reminded us that the coming of Christ is the reason that we can be brought near to God, despite our sin.

Camp Sonshine - Catherine Harvey

In July 2014, Catherine made the journey to Portugal to join up with the other leaders and campers at Camp Sonshine. Listen to her experiences and the nature of the challenges faced by the team.

The 'Golden' Psalm (Psalm 16)

David McLaughlin considers this Psalm of David, or 'Michtam' (Golden), and the view that the King had of his Lord. He examines the Psalmist's assurance in God, and the preserving power of Christ.

Alone with God (Luke 18)

In our first meeting back after summer, Bobby takes a practical look at the need for prayer. He highlights the importance of regular prayer, praying with humility and acknowledging our sinfulness before God.

The Testimony of Ross Greer

Through his testimony, Ross encourages young people to keep their focus on Christ and on the Bible, seeking to live for Him in a sinful and challenging world, showing the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

Bible Question Panel

Select panel of experienced Christians answer questions on the origins of life, location of heaven, role of women in churches, Christians at war and many other topics.

He Calms the Storm (Mark 6)

Matthew Cuffey drew our attention to the reality of the storms of life, reminding us that amidst the turmoil, Jesus Himself is standing near, ready to comfort us when we need it most.

The 'Gospel' of Philemon

Former Listooder regular, John Hanna, considers the Gospel message presented in Paul's reconciliation story of Onesimus told in his letter to Philemon of the church in Colosse.

Grow in Grace (2 Peter 3)

Just as it is vital that a child learns to talk, eat and walk, becoming more and more independent and increasingly able, so it is important that a child of God must learn to develop spiritually in these ways.

Romania Trip - John Neil & Alex Rea

John and Alex traveled with 17 other local Christians, in August 2014, to reach out to the small community of Kisszántó in Romania, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a report of their trip.

CEF Junior Training - Rebecca Hutton

With a firm focus on prayer and the Word of God, the key aim of this camp is to teach young people the importance of bringing the message of Salvation to boys and girls. Rebecca attended in June 2014.

Friends in Action - 'Water of Life'

Earlier in 2014, a group of local men took a trip to Burkina Faso, West Africa with the desire to dig wells and bring clean drinking water to the local community. Here they bring an update of that trip.