Growing in
Christ through 2016.

An Introduction to Listooder Youth Fellowship

At Listooder, we believe in the principles of the Bible, looking to faithfully explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage young Christians in their walk with God. It is our wish that the content and audio recordings on this website will both teach and challenge you, as you explore the Bible for yourself, and that you would experience a greater understanding of the holiness of God and the sufferings of His only Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. In doing so, that we might grow to be vessels fit for the Lordís use, in that whatsoever we do, we would do all to the glory of God.


Pray for Gareth and Lorelei McDowell

Gareth McDowell first visited Listooder Youth Fellowship in 2014, and became an instant hit with the young people. His enthusiastic presentation and witty charm brought a warmth to the meeting as he clearly demonstrated the needs of the ongoing work in the Philippines. He, and his wife Lorelei, have been serving the Lord there since 1999. Having met at Bible College, the Lord gave them the desire to travel to the Philippines and provide free literature to small Christian churches and fellowships across the country. Please remember them, and their service for God, in prayer.